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We are a privately owned firm, seeking to give our clients unique and tailor made solutions to their real estate investments.

We put our clients first, and are proud to have worked with some of our clients for over 10 years.

The business is deliberately focussed on a limited number of specialisations in order to be able to excel on behalf of our clients.

The outstanding track record that has been developed over many years will give you the peace of mind that your investment is in safe hands.

About us

PZ Services possesses first class expertise with a high level of investment knowledge. As a confident team player, a quick thinker, a resourceful and creative partner we create value for our clients and serve their needs professionally and with high quality.

The significant depth and experience of PZ Services has enabled it to deliver strong long-term investment performance across various asset classes throughout both expansionary and recessionary economic cycles.

The firm's top priority is that their actions are transparent, consistently protect capital and produce superior performance in difficult situations. We posses a unique blend of complementary skills necessary to successfully analyse and extract value from complex real estate investments.

Our clients consist of institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, developers, retailers and private investors.


Peter Zimny is the founder of PZ Services and prior to setting up the firm, worked for Pradera AM, based in London, and Warsaw, Poland.

Previous experience was gained working for Challenger Limited, an ASX listed investment management firm headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Peter Zimny has also successfully completed private real estate investments in Joint Ventures and individually.

Real Estate experience has been gained in, Australia, England, Continental Europe and the Middle East.


PZ Services provides advice and creates real estate solutions to clients real estate investments. Our Services Include:

Asset Management

Asset Management is our core skill at PZ Services, where deep experience and a long track record has been developed.

Successful asset management is based on a pro-active approach in order to deliver increasing cashflows and value enhancement on the asset. This can be brought about by reconfiguration/renovation, change of use or re-letting.

Lease Negotiations

The numerous asset management initiatives undertaken have developed strong negotiation skills.

Having negotiated with international retailers and institutions, we understand that a well negotiated lease is a key element for a successful business partnership between tenant and owner.

Having a relationship with major retailers allows us to create successful partnerships and bring tenants to owners of assets.

Tenant Representation

Tenants need strong and individual representation in order to achieve a successful outcome when negotiating terms for space to rent. The experienced gained by PZ Services working on behalf of owners of assets can be harnessed by tenants in order to achieve the best possible result.

We understand that a poorly negotiated lease agreement can be detrimental to the whole business operation, and for this reason we can advise on strategies and boundaries during lease negotiations in order to achieve the best result for our client.

Development Management

We advise robust and appropriate development strategies from project conception, through the appointment of a professional team, to the successful delivery of projects.

Projects may range from small and straight forward refurbishments through to large and complex new build projects, where specialist professional teams need to be assembled and managed on behalf of our clients.